Increasing the height on the INTEL range

Published on: 11-Feb 01:10pm

Julia F

Published on - 11-Feb 01:10pm

Customers that have a high pile carpet may contact us about how to increase the height of their unit to stop the doors dragging on the carpet. 


The feet including the castor wheel are just over 3cm high. A single foot is shown below.


They can put 2 feet together as shown below which will increase the height by just over 2cm. the customer would need to source some longer bolts if they wish to do this as we do not supply these, we can supply additional feet for a small cost, a nominal fee of £5 which covers the postage.


The castor wheel will need to be removed in the bottom foot to allow the 2 feet to sit flush. The wheel can be removed by using a flat head screwdriver to lift the circular edge which will allow the castor to be removed as per the image below.

 An alternative solution would be for the customer to source some castor cups. These are widely available online from sites including Ebay and Amazon.

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