Published on: 19-May 08:38am

Lynsey Graybrook

Published on - 19-May 08:38am



  1. Ensure the correct power adaptor provided is used.


  1. Does the charger light come on when connected (test without glass) ?  


If no, check power – if no power, replace charger.


If yes- charger is receiving power ok.


  1. Intermittent charging :


  • Ensure that the phone case is removed- we recommend removing phone case during charging process.
  • Check that the phone is positioned correctly over the charging point on the cabinet. Explain that the centre of the charging coil in the back of the phone, must be aligned with the centre of the charging point to work properly.  Explain that the charging coil on each phone can differ in position so it may need a little trial and error to find the correct position. It will be easy to do after the consumer knows the phone position.



  1. The blue lights flash rapidly.


This indicates an error inn the charging process, most likely due to the phone position not being aligned properly with the charging spot and ‘straining’ the charging process.


Simply remove the phone for a minute and replace the phone but re-position it slightly to ensure a solid charge.



  1. Charger working but not through glass.
  • Likely to be a positioning issue of the phone, please try moving the phone slightly.


  • Ensure no phone case is used.


  • Test again with no glass – does it work ?


  • Try testing under the glass but just under the corner of the glass so it is easier to ensure charger is in the correct position.


  • Ask customer to look under the glass to check if there appears to be a gap of more than 1mm between top of the charger and the underside of the glass. --   If so, send out a pad to raise the charger so it is sitting just under the glass top, this should solve the issue if there is a small gap.


Please see the demo / explanation video on our website or send the link to the customer.


NOTE: If the customer has had more than one replacement, please speak to the customer to identify if they are using it properly, in the correct place, no case etc as it is highly unlikely to be the charger twice.  lease also arrange to get the replaced one returned for investigation and send a stamped address envelope. Ask customer to ref it as the ticket number so we know where they are from after testing. note on this ticket the older one is being returned if we have sent out more than one.


We can’t resolve anything without fully understanding the problem.

Step 1 :    Call the customer to discuss and ask for clear images to explain the problem.

Step 2:  If you are unable to resolve it – escalate it to Lynsey but confirm to customer it has been done and we will reply asap.


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