LED app not connecting after new router or HUB

Published on: 26-Jun 01:28pm

Lynsey Graybrook

Published on - 26-Jun 01:28pm

LED strip not connecting after changing router or HUB

It is most likely that the new hub is set to 5 ghz frequency. The app will only work with 2.4 ghz which is the case with most similar equipment, 99% of home systems are 2.4 ghz or if they are 5ghz the system router will split between the two.
I would suggest checking the hub to ensure it isn't set to just the 5 ghz band and set it to 2.4 ghz band (most popular for home interest and accessible devices).
Alternatively, try setting them up via the hot spot on a mobile. This should work and if it does, it is an issue with the wifi router which I suspect is just a setting so it is only working on 5 ghz. If it is, there may also be issues with other similar type of devices as most work only on the 2,4 ghz frequency.
It is the same with brand like HIVE etc.  The link below explains the issue and hoe to resolve on the HIVE website

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