Published on: 09-Dec 03:33pm

Lynsey Graybrook

Published on - 09-Dec 03:33pm

1.  Press + in top right of screen to add device.

2. Click on the Lighting (wifi)

3.  Press  'OTHER MODE' in top right of Screen.

4. This should give options of SMART or AP MODE. Click on AP mode.

5. Reset the device. Power off for 10 seconds then power on.

6. The lights should now be blinking rapidly.

7.  Press and hold the reset switch for 10 - 12 seconds. The lights should now be blinking slowly.

8. Enter your wifi password then go to Settings in your phone - Wifi - and then connect to Smart Life.

This should then connect your phone to the LED lighting. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.


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